Who does Sammamish life support?


We support city council candidates who will make sure that future development does not over burden our infrastructure.  Currently, our city does not have the capacity for increased growth.  

  • Our schools are at or over capacity
  • Several of our roads fail traffic concurrency
  • Proposed developments do not meet the minimum stormwater retention requirements
  • The water district has put a moratorium on new projects due to inadequate sewer capacity



Is Sammamish life anti-development?


We support respectful development that doesn’t overwhelm our infrastructure.

Is Sammamish Life partisan?


No, city council elections are non-partisan.  We support candidates who think beyond party lines and want to do what is best for the people of Sammamish.


What is the plan?


We have enlisted the help of a political consulting firm to advise and conduct our activities.   Structured canvassing, mailers, e-mail blasts, and other forms of advertising will be done.

Who started the PAC?


Dr. Michael Scoles.  He moved to the plateau in 2004 after fulfilling his military service.  He has been a dentist in Issaquah for the last twenty years.

What is at stake?


If the current city council majority is lost, the new council will green light the entire STCA Town Center project.  Over 2000 homes will be built with no road improvements.

Why contribute to a PAC instead of the individual candidates?


The PAC can further its dollars by advocating for multiple candidates who share a similar message.  There are also no contribution limits for a PAC.

Will the PAC accept donations from outside of Sammamish?


No, we feel that this election should not be swayed by people or organizations that do not live in Sammamish.  


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